SmartPetReviews is a website in which we talk about the latest and greatest in pet wellbeing. We highlight ways to support your dog or cat's quality of life and on the best tips & tricks to give them a great day. We also offer product reviews or highlights, in which we curate a list of some of the top products in a certain category. These lists are not-exhaustive and do not include every product in a certain category. We hand-pick products we believe (in our subjective opinion), to be high quality or notable. In these reviews, we may receive compensation from sponsored or affiliated companies and this may influencer where they are ranked or their position. However, we believe in transparency and in these cases, sponsored or affiliated products will be marked "Sponsored" wherever they may appear. It is It is also important to note for the sake of transparency, that this website is receives financial compensation from Pawfy and is affiliated with that company.

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SmartPetReviews is a website which ranks and reviews certain products. It does not review all products in a specific category and our reviews are not exhaustive. It is also important to note that this website is sponsored and affiliated with Pawfy. Any products for which we receive compensation to rank or review will be marked as "Sponsored". All opinions or judgements are purely the subjective opinion of our writers.