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Our articles are sourced from content writers with a passion for pets and includes advice and learnings by pet nutritionists. We work hard to deliver up-to-date advice and products to help best support your pets. From pet nutrition to grooming tips, we offer our readers an inside into extensive knowledge to boost your pet's wellbeing.

  • Professional

    We strive to offer our personal advice based on research and third-party sources for all topics related to your pet. We offer guidance on various issues as well as product reviews. In some cases, we may receive compensation to sponsor certain products in our rankings, but we still promise to transparently show the product's ingredients and attributes so you can be well-informed.

  • Pet Lovers

    As pet owners ourselves, we would never recommend something that could put your pet in danger or harm. We do recommend, however, for any medical issues or health related topics, that you check with a veterinarian or qualified health professional if you have any doubts about your pet's specific condition or circumstances.

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SmartPetReviews is a website which ranks and reviews certain products. It does not review all products in a specific category and our reviews are not exhaustive. It is also important to note that this website is sponsored and affiliated with Pawfy. Any products for which we receive compensation to rank or review will be marked as "Sponsored". All opinions or judgements are purely the subjective opinion of our writers.